Our Ministry

Parish Life

St. James offers a variety of ways to receive and get involved in providing support to all parishioners.

Usher and Greeter Ministry

The mission for the Ushers and Greeters Ministry at St. James is to assist all people in receiving the Lord. We are the visible ministers who provide personal service and courtesies to parishioners before, during and after Mass. This includes welcoming, seating, helping to make people with special needs comfortable and offering any assistance needed by parishioners. In doing so, we enhance the experience of the Liturgy for all parishioners.

Brian Eberst
​Usher Coordinator
Email: stjmaintenance@stjamescaz.com
Phone: 315-558-4278

Parish Coffee

Join us for coffee and prayer.

Kristin Fox
Parish Coffee Contact
Phone: 315-727-6574
Email: foxormom@yahoo.com

Music Ministry
As the old saying goes, when you sing you pray twice. The most important word in that sentence is “pray.” Each song in a Mass is a prayer, it is another medium by which we can pray, give reverence and connect to God. Being at Mass is an act of participation, saying the prayers and singing (or praying) the music in a liturgy helps each of us to connect more with the Lord.

Music ministry’s role is simply to be facilitators of that connection. We guide and encourage the singing of prayer. We embrace those moments when a song says everything that someone is feeling in that moment. That connection is tangible and moving. The blessings bestowed in those moments are why we do what we do.

Fran Donahue
Music Director
Email: stjmusicdirector@stjamescaz.com
Phone Number: 315-655-3441 x105

Joan Stoker
Adult Choir/Joyful Noise
Email: jmstoker76@gmail.com
Phone: 315-655-9835

Peter Winnewisser
Contemporary Ensemble
Email: win2000@aol.com
Phone: 315-655-2000

St. James Audio/Visual Ministry 

The mission of the Audio/Visual Ministry of St. James is to provide the gathered community the opportunity to experience full, active participation in Liturgical and other celebrations by providing the best available sound and video slides and presentations.

Loaves and Fishes Ministry

The mission of St. James Loaves and Fishes Ministry is to serve those within our parish community as their needs for a helping meal are made known. Our hope as we offer a nourishing, hot meal is that its recipient will know that they are remembered by their faith family during this time of difficulty and are not alone.

Sue Woltman
Loaves and Fishes Contact
Email: sbwoltma@syr.edu
Phone: 315-655-5496

Eucharistic Ministry

Eucharistic Ministers prayerfully serve the parishioners of St. James by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ ​during Eucharistic celebrations.

Peggy Clipston
Coordinator of Eucharistic Ministers
Email: maclipston@yahoo.com
Phone: 315-655-9327

Liturgy Committee

In collaboration with the Pastor, Pastoral Council, liturgical ministers and parish staff, the Liturgy Committee will assist with planning, coordinating, implementing, and reviewing parish liturgies; emphasizing opportunities to enhance the liturgical experience, welcoming and active participation of all involved.

Gerry Mehlbaum
Email: geraldmehlbaum@gmail.com
Phone: 315-815-5057