Confirmation Program

The Confirmation program strives to lead teens to a deeper experience of faith and a deeper relationship with God and the Church. We prepare our teens to take on an adult role in their faith. Confirmation is a one year process that meets six times over the course of that year along with attending a retreat. The program coincides with the students weekly Faith formation classes so they are well prepared to be welcomed as adult members into St. James.

*Please note that students applying for the Confirmation program should have regularly attended Faith Formation classes for 7th, 8th and 9th grade. If your child did not regularly attend those classes, there will be a make-up requirement prior to the start of Confirmation classes.

Confirmation Schedule

The Confirmation program at St. James is a year-long program and is typically completed during the teen’s sophomore year. Students wishing to receive the sacrament must have completed a full year of Religious Education during the prior year.

The program consists of:

  • An initial parent-candidate meeting.
  • The Enrollment ceremony (held during a weekend liturgy).
  • A class team building activity.
  • Six classes.
  • A retreat.
  • Service requirements.
  • Involves connections with sponsors and sacramental buddies.

The candidate’s preparation focuses on the Sacraments, freedom, spirituality, confirmation, prayer and service. The candidates must complete an interview with the Confirmation team and submit a letter of readiness to the Bishop.

The program runs from Autumn through Spring. Confirmation is typically held either in April or May.

For more information, contact:

Fr. Kevin Corcoran
Faith Formation Director
Phone: 315-655-3441 (ext. 106)